December 21, 2015

A cover of “Quite Spectacular” by Hint.

Fun Facts:

  • The song is titled “Paradise” as the Hint song was used in the Paradise Ball Race level in GMTower. This version was never used in GMTower or Tower Unite however.
  • When originally released, the song had lyrics sung by Will, but the song was later updated at and unknown time to remove the lyrics and replace them with and instrumental version of the song. At another unknown time, the song was updated back to the version with lyrics sung by Will.
  • Despite not being included in Tower Unite, the song can be found in the game’s files.


Everything is sad,
Everyone is bad,
The noises aren't that loud anymore

Will they ever go?
Maybe, I don't know
Sometimes I find myself just taking it
It's all just overrated

I'll just stay right here in paradise

I can't get out of bed,
The pounding in my head,
The days are running together and...

It's all the fucking same,
And really fucking lame,
The shit is piling up on top of my brain

Will it ever go?
Maybe I don't know
Sometimes I find myself just taking it

(And) I'll just stay right here

(It's paradise)
(It's paradise it's)
Hеartache, sorrow,
why oh, why oh
Numb head, sleepless,
work in progrеss

(It's) Longing, waiting,

Heartache, sorrow,
why oh, whyyy oh
Dumb head, sleepless,
work in progress, (me)




Paradise (Instrumental)

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