Some time in 2015

Album: Tower Unite OST

Track: #49

Fun Facts:

  • This song is a revised version of Hoofdachest, and has two versions both with different intros.
  • The earlier version was originally posted to Will’s soundcloud around the release of the original Kickstarter announcement video.


(Ooh yeah)

Hold my hand and cry,
I know I said I wasn't gonna go and die,
But I've been feeling pretty high,
I'm all the way up on a Tower in the sky (and I)

Let the seeds of fantasy fall all around me
And I soak the sunshine and you fill the air,
And we sit in the back seat screaming,
I don't care, I don't care

And now I'm over it,
And now I'm over it yeah,
And now I'm over it-



Kickstarter (Earlier Version)


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