Date Unknown

Fun Facts:

  • The earlier version of the song was originally uploaded to Will’s soundcloud as “Preview!!!”.
  • Both versions of the song were originally uploaded to Will’s soundcloud and both were eventually deleted after time.


I'm still alright,
I'm still biting on my fist
Still right here,
Still forgetting I exist

But please don't go and be,
Happy without me

Get out of my head, Get out of my head
I'll kiss a whisky bottle 'til I can't feel instead,
Then write a fucking song about my fucking feelings,
And hope to God I don't remember you in the morning

It's all about the way I shove you back,
To the corner of my mind

There's something moronic, and a little idiotic
being melodic about it it's so...
self-centered and bitter, I don't consider bigger
and then I figure that you don't wanna be...

(Left alone)