Some time in 2013

This song only exists in the form of two teasers and is believed to be either unfinished, or lost media.

The first teaser is one that was uploaded somewhere on the internet in 2013. This version is very different from what Celestia’s Day Off would eventually become, and is believed to either be an earlier version of the song, or the song’s prelude.

The second teaser wasn’t ever released at all, but instead comes from a recording of a livestream Will did called “LIVE WRITE!” where he streamed himself working on the song.

Fun Facts:

  • This song is the earliest version of sex, drugs, and weed do not listen and Fling!.
  • During the LIVE WRITE! stream Will says that he has had this song’s melody in his head for his whole life, and that he has been trying to make it into a song for a long time. This is funny considering it became a fan favourite GMTower song.


Show/Hide Teaser Lyrics
She's a sun goddess...
(Soaking up sunshine)

Down by the seaside...

She's a sun goddess
Getting sunburned down by the seaside
A golden ray of sunshine
Watching the ocean and the shore collide

Don't be fooled by her laidbackiness
Like a daisy in the spring
Luna's all stressed (Equestria is a mess)
And she won't do anything

I'd like to think...
That the less you don't care about anything--
Show/Hide LIVE WRITE! Lyrics
What do you do when the whole world stops following you?
The clouds are coming but there ain't a whole lot
You gave it all away you're sick (?????)
Now (???) you take the day off

She's a sun goddess
Soaking up sunshine.


(Scatting the main melody)


Celestia's Day Off (Teaser)

Celestia's Day Off (LIVE WRITE! Livestream)

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