ambient (Orchestral)

November 7, 2020

While these were uploaded to Will’s soundcloud in 2020, the songs were included in Tower Unite around 2016 but were never included in the Tower Unite OST.

However, despite being uploaded to Will’s soundcloud with the cover art of the OST, the songs are still not included in the OST officially.

Fun Facts:

  • These songs are based on ambient, which is itself based on The Fluttershy Nebula.
  • The songs are titled “Main Menu 01” and “Main Menu 02” but are not “Plaza_Track01” and “Plaza_Track02”.
  • While “Main Menu 02” is included here, it’s not actually a revision of “ambient” but rather a continuation of “Main Menu 01”.
  • Despite not being included in the Tower Unite OST, this song is included in the Spotify album.



Main Menu 01

Main Menu 02

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